Dream Tan Instant Skin Colour 

Dream Tan Instant Skin Colour is the simple solution to achieving the best contest colour in the world and is the colour of choice for bodybuilders everywhere. This lustrous moisture rich formula spreads easily and gives full body coverage in just one application. Dream Tan is made with the finest ingredients and washes off completely with soap and water. It is safe to use around the eyes and no prior tanning is necessary. 

  • Colour of Choice for All International Championships
  • Sold in over 100 Countries
  • Available in Gold Brown #1 & Red Bronze #2

  Size: 56.7g

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Dream Tan Professional Self-Tanning Spray

Dream Tan Professional Self-Tanning Spray will instantly give you the darkest possible tan without exposure to the sun in just one coat. It uses a balanced blend of natural ingredients that not only delivers the perfect tan, but also hydrates and moisturizes your skin. Dream Tan Professional Self-Tanning Spray can be used on its own for an even dark tan. For best results use as a base, then apply Dream Tan Instant Skin Color cream for bodybuilding competitions or photo shoots.

  • Darkest possible Tan in just One Coat
  • Dries Fast & Moisturises
  • Colour Appears Instantly

Size: 236ml

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