ALL-NEW AMINO BUILD is a superior pre-, intra-, and post-workout complex delivering a massive 8g of a 100% free-form 2:1:1 BCAA matrix (per 2 scoops) to help fuel skeletal muscles, preserve muscle glycogen stores and reduce protein breakdown. AMINO BUILD comes packed with a clinically studied 2.5-gram dose of Betaine added to the formula that helped subjects significantly enhance their muscular endurance. Also, a 1-gram dose of Taurine was added to the formula that has been clinically shown to improve performance in endurance athletes when consumed 2 hours prior to cardio.

Available Size: 30 Serves
Available Flavour: Fruit Punch & Green Apple

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New and improved ANABOLIC HALO is a powerful all-in-one formula designed to be taken once daily to help drive muscle growth, strength, and recovery while training hard. The new and improved formula is designed to eliminate the confusion of which products to take and remembering to take them several times a day. 1. REPLACES PROTEIN SHAKE Features a 40-gram multi-phase protein system that supplies fast, medium, and slow- digesting proteins, which replaces your need to take other protein powder supplements.


First all-in-one formula to contain tart cherry concentrate, which provides a number of powerful phytonutrients. These phytonutrients in tart cherries are shown in multiple research studies to help improve muscle recovery after training through the reduction of post-workout pain.


ANABOLIC HALO delivers a full 5-gram clinically validated dose proven to help increase muscle growth and strength fast.


The full-spectrum ANABOLIC HALO formula supplies essential electrolytes such as calcium and magnesium. There is no need to buy additional electrolyte beverages.


Supplies 6 grams of BCAAs, which help fuel your skeletal muscles, support muscle glycogen resynthesis and reduce the amount of protein breakdown.


Contains 5 grams of an advanced glutamine and glutamic acid blend to help restore plasma glutamine levels that may have been depleted after periods of intense training.


Formulated with a multi-stage carb blend that features fast and slow releasing carbs, which includes ModCarb , ANABOLIC HALO promotes muscle glycogen replenishment and cell volumization, removing the need to consume a separate carbohydrate energy drink.

Available Sizes: 32 Servings
Available Flavours: Chocolate & Wild Cherry Explosion

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ALL-NEW ANOTEST is the first and only powder designed to give you the effects of four different products in one. If you were to take this formula as a pill, you would have to take over 15 pills just to match this product. NEW ANOTEST is truly the most complete formula available.

Available Size: 40 Serves
Available Flavour: Fruit Punch

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Hardgainer Creatine Formula

A scientifically engineered hardcore creatine formula designed for hardgainers who have trouble putting on size and strength. This patent-protected creatine formula contains core ingredients supported by over 30 clinical research studies conducted over multiple decades.

Available Sizes: 1.4kg & 2.7kg
Available Flavours:  Fruit Punch, Grape & Orange

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Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite

New HYDROXYCUT® HARDCORE ELITE from our #1 selling Hardocre Supplement Brand. All new HYDROXYCUT® HARDCORE ELITE was built from the ground up with one purpose in mind: to help provide you with an incredible experience. With Coleus forskohlii, theobroma, green coffee extract and caffeine, this formula delivers a one-of-a-kind experience. HYDROXYCUT® HARDCORE ELITE also contains an ingredient (caffeine) to help give you a serious boost of extreme energy support after just one dose! Two Scientific Studies: Subjects Saw Significant Weight Loss Support Data analysis of the results from both trials on the key ingredient (green coffee extract) shows significant statistics in supporting weight loss and fat loss. HYDROXYCUT HARDCORE ELITE also contains the popular ingredient, Coleus forskohlii. If you demand an effective edge and want a support formula that works as hard as you do – look no further than HYDROXYCUT® HARDCORE ELITE.

Available Sizes: 110 Caps

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New MASS-TECH ® is an advanced muscle mass gainer designed for any individual that has a tough time adding size, is in their bulking phase, and/or wants to break through their strength plateaus. MASS-TECH features 80g of protein when mixed with 2 cups of skim milk, which supplies fast, medium, and slow-digesting proteins. The multi-phase protein system provides critical amino acids to the body at varying speeds for extended delivery of amino acids in the blood.

The new, powerful formula now delivers a massive 1170 calories derived from high-quality protein and quickly digested carbohydrates, as well as specialised fats. It is the most versatile weight gainer available, which can be taken once daily or split into two separate half servings.

The formula’s protein dose when mixed with 2 cups of skim milk supplies a massive 13 grams of BCAAs and 7g of Leucine, which help fuel your skeletal muscles, preserve muscle glycogen stores, and help to reduce the amount of protein breakdown.

The full-spectrum formula contains less saturated fat than other weight gainers and is formulated with 5 grams of omega-rich fats, which provides energy-dense calories.


Available Sizes: 3.2kg
Available Flavours: Milk Chocolate, Vanilla & Strawberry

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Hardcore Pre-Workout Formula

NANO VAPOR is formulated with clinically dosed key ingredients shown in research to build muscle, increase strength, promote key markers of nitric oxide production, and support long-lasting focus. This fast-acting nitric oxide pre-workout formula also ignites an explosive energy rush. Think of it as your all-in-one pre-workout formula that will help you conquer your training plateaus.

Available Sizes: 40 Serves
Available Flavours: Fruit Punch & Blue Raspberry

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Whey Isolate+ Lean Musclebuilder

NITRO-TECH is a scientifically engineered whey isolate+ lean musclebuilder formula designed for all athletes who are looking for more muscle, more strength and better performance. NITRO-TECH contains protein sourced primarily from whey protein isolate and is also enhanced with the most studied form of creatine for faster gains in muscle and strength.

Available Sizes: 907g & 1.8kg
Available Flavours: Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry & Cookie & Cream

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PHASE8 is a premium blended protein formula that helps feeds your muscles for 8 hours. Each scoop contains an impressive 26-gram blend of milk-derived proteins that supplies a sustained-release of amino acids. PHASE8 has a superior, clean macronutrient profile with only half the carbs and fat of the leading competitor. 8-HOUR SUSTAINED-RELEASE PROTEIN ABSORPTION The main protein component in PHASE8 has the unique ability to release amino acids in your bloodstream for 8 hours after taking it. 6 HIGH-QUALITY PROTEIN SOURCES Overall, PHASE8 contains only high-quality milk-derived protein sources designed to digest at different rates, putting your body in the perfect state for repair and recovery. Unlike other protein blends, you won’t find any low quality proteins like rice protein in PHASE8. 1. Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate
2. Whey Protein Isolate
3. Whey Protein Concentrate
4. Milk Protein Concentrate
5. Calcium Caseinate
6. Micellar Casein.

Available Sizes: 22 & 50 Servings
Available Flavours: Chocolate, Vanilla & Strawberry

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  Stim-Free Pre-Workout Amplifier   ALL-NEW PUSH10 is a powerful pre-workout amplifier that helps deliver increases in strength, increases muscle endurance and significantly improves training performance, with zero stimulants, zero creatine, and zero banned substances (WADA).  

For anyone that wants to push their performance to the max without creatine or stimulants, PUSH10 is an advanced strength- and endurance-enhancing product that works on your very first dose. PUSH10 can also be virtually stacked with any other product in your supplement arsenal, making it the ultimate pre-workout formula.


PUSH10 contains the official, patent-protected ingredient complex, GAKIC ® (complex covered by patent #6,100,287 under exclusive licence from the University of Florida) – a research-backed, advanced strength, and endurance-enhancing compound. Experience incredible first-dose strength gains and push your training performance to the max with PUSH10.


Available Size: 16 Servings
Available Flavour: Fruit Punch & Watermelon

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