Don’t Call it a Comeback!

Jay Cutler Signs Official 2013 Olympia Contract


To all the people who doubted – to all the people that thought it was just hype – Jay is definitely BACK! Ten months out from the 2013 Olympia, Jay has officially signed his contract to compete on stage in Las Vegas. Jay plans to make history again by winning back his title for a second time and shocking the bodybuilding world.


“It’s official. I will be on that stage next year and I’m not coming back to take second place. I’m not putting my body through extreme torture so that I can watch someone else pick up a trophy that belongs to me. With the support of BPI Sports, I get to show my fans that the most important thing is getting back up again. It’s not about the injury, it’s about the determination you have to push through it and rise to the top again.” -Jay Cutler